9 Important Badminton Basics Newcomers Should Know

You need to become proficient in several essential skills to play badminton. What fundamental skills should someone like me acquire?

A beginner must comprehend the following concepts to play a respectable and casual game of badminton (It is arranged according to what you should learn first )

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There are various unique skills in badminton. Practice the foundational abilities described here before mastering more complex strategies like net plays, smashes, and leap smashes.

1. HavingĀ 

Before entering the badminton court, you must be comfortable with the correct racket grip. It would help if you gripped your racket correctly to give your badminton strokes the most power possible. You won’t be able to fire accurately, either.

There are two fundamentally different ways to hold your racket: forehand and Backhand. Backhand grips are used for backhand strokes; forehand grips are used for forehand strokes.

2. Wandering

It would be best to have superb badminton footwork to move across the court more rapidly.

Think of it as “getting farther with fewer steps” by doing this.

Will you still enjoy your game if you don’t get to hit any shuttles? Coordinated footwork is needed to travel around the court to recover shots. Thanks to it, you can react to an opponent’s pictures before they hit the ground.

3. Forehand Techniques

Here’s a forehand swing being made. You can perform a badminton clear, drop, and smash if you have a firm forehand stroke.

4. Tennis Court Clean

The clearing is the worst shot in badminton. In badminton, the shuttle you lob into the air falls behind your opponent’s court (the baseline). This is a defensive move because your opponent will know that he has few alternatives for assault as soon as the shuttle lands close to the baseline.

 5. Tennis Drop

To win rallies, develop solid defensive and semi-defensive/offensive shots.

You can make a drop shot by bouncing the shuttle from your backcourt to your opponent’s frontcourt. A powerful drop shot can end a rally in badminton. However, a good drop shot can also be considered defensive because it stops your opponent from taking foul shots.

6. Hand Motions

You must use an underarm stroke when you receive a low shot toward the front of the court. It would be best to counter your opponents’ low blows with underarm attacks.

7. Making Use of the Backhand

What would happen if your opponent hit you in the backhand zone with the shuttle? You might decide to position yourself correctly to forehand return the shuttle. In addition, a backhand can be used to defend yourself. To make backhand strokes, use a backhand grip.

8. Lower your Backhand

Many people need help executing strong backhands. 

Most people occasionally need help delivering forceful backhands, even when they already have a backhand grip.

Master the backhand drop first. Using this skill doesn’t require a lot of physical power. Making this shot shouldn’t be too difficult if you practice a little and know how to backhand correctly.

9. The Simple Backhand 

The majority of people struggle to make this shot. Intelligent badminton players often like hitting their opponents’ backhands.

Use caution when employing forceful backhand motions.

If your backhand stroke is weak, it does not necessarily mean you lack strength. The proper Backhand grab technique combined with a backhand swing motion can produce excellent results. Work on your swing action if you need help performing dependable backhand clearances. Consider how much time you have available as well. As much as you can, try to ascend the shuttle’s roof.

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